Saturday, December 8, 2012

Banned By YouTube!

Maria Sulkin describes her blow job technique:

Brian Seiken is a liar & a coward:

Monday, December 3, 2012

Big Sexless

I wrote a comment to EatFeats the other day. Of course OJ didn't have the balls to post it.Here it is:
On the thread Nov 25 2012 9:03 am:
The horse-faced housewife from PA is finally right about something.(Strange, coming from the nincompoop who encouraged the morbidly obese Millender to do more eating challenges.)
Beard looked like he was ready to croak when i interviewed him 2 years ago. To be compared with Jarvis, who has a tumor growing out of his face every other week, is bad enough, but does anyone want to look like Booker or Menchetti in ten years?
On a side note, when you pray for me please do it in that phony Brooklyn accent. (I could probably jerk off to that.)

I made a couple of comments today; chances are OJ, cunt that she is, won't post them.I'm gonna wait 2 hours & post them here if she doesn't.
On another matter, is rehashing the same old lies about Stoler, Menchetti, & everything else his limited imagination can conjure. About the nonsense of me improving G-Joe's sex life: Does anyone, besides pedophile Seiken believe anything this criminal says? This sub-human turd can't tell the truth, lest he be put in jail & considering all the salted meat he has ingested I doubt he's even gotten a hard-on in the last 5 years. Besides, his wife Tracy is a fat ugly cow so who cares anyway?